Mobile App Diversity Study Across the Total Hispanic Market

August 11, 2016

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Last month, Entravision completed a primary research study on Hispanic mobile app usage across acculturation levels. The study was a joint research effort developed by the leading market research firm ThinkNow Research. What made this study particularly different was that it focused on understanding the behaviors and motivations that make mobile app experiences unique among the Total Hispanic Market. Entravision will be publishing detailed findings of this study in a comprehensive White Paper that will be released this fall.

Here’s a preview of three key findings and recommendations that shed greater insights into how Hispanics engage with mobile apps:

  • Collectivism is evident in app usage – The majority has downloaded apps for others to use and share. When marketing, keep in mind your primary and secondary “influencer” audience.
  • Most frequent time for app engagement is between 6-9PM – When developing your campaign strategy, keep in mind the most active time period of engagement.
  • The top 5 categories of apps used most often include – Social networks, games, communications, music and weather/entertainment. When developing your media campaign plans, keep in mind most active categories.

We’ll continue to analyze Hispanic media relationships across acculturation levels, so that we can help our clients deliver more relevant and precise targeting/messaging.