Política Para Mí: A Comprehensive Resource on Politics & Policy Issues for Hispanic Voters

August 11, 2016

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Regardless of your party affiliation, the stakes in the 2016 presidential election are greater than ever. Because the stakes are so high, it’s critical that as responsible voters, we are well-informed about candidates, key policy issues, and Democratic and Republican positions across the board.

To this end, Entravision created Política Para Mí as an online resource that provides essential political and policy information for Hispanics. Política Para Mí offers a variety of information in Spanish and across diverse issues. The site includes content areas such as:

• Weekly videos on civic engagement
• Political humor and satire
• Access to webcasts of debates
• Interactive quizzes on key political and policy issues
• Local and national political interactive maps
• Countdown to key election dates

Politica Para Mi provides a comprehensive and influential voice on key issues Hispanics need to know in order to become well-informed voters. To visit the site, please click here.

Also, please take the time to watch a promotional video (below) from our recent coverage of the Presidential National Conventions.