July 30, 2018

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Xoom Corporation is a San Francisco based digital money transfer company that allows users to securely transfer money
online. Generally, target users are people living abroad who send money from their country of residence to their native
See the App Store link here
Xoom has been Headway’s client for the better part of two years. It has been historically managed from overseas teams
in Argentina and primarily run through our MoBrain performance network. In order to save the client, we transferred
the account from Argentina to Cristin Nicholson, our Senior Account Director based in Los Angeles, in hopes of
strengthening the relationship through local support. Cristin was not only able to retain the relationship, but also to grow
their spending in Q2 over Q1 by 22%, the highest billing month of the year coming in at $175K net revenue.
The client has continued business in Q3 and is considering expanding to additional Headway products.