Noticias Ya

February 25, 2019

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Noticias Ya has launched a new News Break and Rundown Structure in order to give audiences less commercial breaks and more news coverage. “Mas Tiempo Contigo” is the new motto for Noticias Ya and has done very well due to being the only newscast in the market with 16 minutes of uninterrupted headline news.

Check out the videos below to see what we have been working on.

Noticias Ya’s February special “Pandillas: Hermandad Mortal” featured 5 days of special stories (from February 18th to the 22nd), regarding gang problems and how they affect our society nationwide.

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Entravision’s Noticias Ya sent journalist Rodrigo Torrijos to represent Univision and to cover the “Venezuela Aid Live” concert held on February 22nd in Cucuta, Colombia.  Special news coverage and the concert were broadcast live on Noticias Ya.  Thousands of people gathered on the border of Colombia and Venezuela to call attention to the humanitarian crisis that Venezuela is going through.  Musicians from Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico and Spain united their voices on the international bridge Tienditas, North of Santander, Colombia to raise $100 million in donations for food, medicine, and essential supplies to aid in the Venezuela’s humanitarian crisis.  Watch some live coverage in the video below and check out the Noticias Ya page: